Frequent question: Which group reportedly used the Shanghai Tunnels in Portland Oregon?

The tunnels were built by Chinese workers during the time when Chinatown was the center for trade business. The tunnel’s original design was for transporting goods from cargo ships to the inner city. By using the tunnels the ship’s crew could avoid the hassle of inner-city traffic.

Which groups reportedly used the Shanghai Tunnels in Portland Oregon Quizzclub?


  • Fishermen and dockworkers.
  • Gold-seekers and shop owners.
  • Soldiers and foreign agents.
  • Laborers and illegal traders.

When were the Shanghai Tunnels used?

The Shanghai Tunnels are a series of passages connecting various businesses, like bars and hotels, to the Willamette River’s waterfront docks, used from the mid-19th century through to the early 1940s.

What happened in the Shanghai Tunnels?

Victims were either drugged with opiates, kidnapped while intoxicated, or simply knocked unconscious. They were then dropped or dragged into the tunnels through trapdoors called deadfalls which could be found in pretty much all bars and saloons.

Is there an underground city in Oregon?

There’s An Abandoned Underground City Hiding In Oregon And You’ll Want To Visit. … Hidden away beneath the city of Pendleton, the Pendleton Underground is a network of tunnels that once was home to many secret businesses, both legal and illegal.

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Does Portland Oregon have underground tunnels?

The Shanghai Tunnels or Portland Underground consist of tunnel passages linking Portland’s Old Town (Chinatown) to the central downtown area of Portland.

Is there an underground city in San Francisco?

In 2009, a History Channel special told the world about the existence of a secret military bunker under San Francisco. Hidden below the city’s surface are a series of rooms and tunnels that once made up a military complex.

Why is kidnapping called shanghai?

Etymology. The verb “shanghai” joined the lexicon with “crimping” and “sailor thieves” in the 1850s, possibly because Shanghai was a common destination of the ships with abducted crews. The term has since expanded to mean “kidnapped” or “induced to do something by means of fraud.”

Does Seattle have an underground city?

Seattle, Washington, has a secret underground city that burned down in 1889. The city was then rebuilt on top of the old ruins, which are still open to tours today.

What does the word Shanghaiing mean?

To shanghai someone is to kidnap or trick them into working for you. The traditional way to shanghai someone is to drug him and put him on a ship. … The shanghaied person would wake up and find himself at sea, often on a long trip like to Shanghai, China. The term is also used for similar, non-naval abductions.