How do I get certified to teach in China?

Do you need a teaching license to teach in China?

A TEFL* certificate is one of the fundamental requirements to teach English in China in 2021. This is best gained online with one of the many agencies that offer world-class courses. TEFL certification is reasonably affordable and is really the best first-step into a wonderful teaching career, anywhere in the world.

Can foreigners teach in China?

Now, in order to teach English in China as a foreigner, the teacher needs to be under 60 years old (55 for women), have a Z-class work visa, be a native speaker with a valid passport from one of the seven acknowledged English-speaking countries, and have two years of teaching experience, a bachelor’s degree, a TESOL …

Is it hard to become a teacher in China?

The eligibility requirements to become an ESL teacher in China are fairly accessible compared to other Asian countries, with university degrees and teaching experience not always needed. … Not to mention, the country itself also has much to offer in terms of culture, language, travel opportunities, and food!

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Can I teach in China with just a TEFL?

You do not need to have any prior teaching experience to get a teaching job in China, so long as you have a TEFL certificate. Many of the Chinese provinces require you to have 120 hour TEFL course, so going for the 120 hours is the best way to make you competitive for the highest number of positions.

Can you teach in China without a TEFL?

So unless you’re particular about the exact school you want to teach at or gunning for the highest salary possible, the short answer is this: No, you technically do not need the TEFL to teach in China.

What is the age limit to teach in China?

China, People’s Republic of. Teaching age limits were relaxed in China late 2019. Teachers who work in 2nd or 3rd tier cities are able to teach until 65. In China, if you meet the requirements for a class a work permit, there are no age restrictions.

How do I become an English teacher in China?

How do I become an English teacher in China?

  1. Call An Advisor & Begin Your Research.
  2. Enroll in a TEFL Class.
  3. Prepare For Your Job Search.
  4. Interview & Apply for Positions.
  5. Sign A Contract, Make Travel & Visa Arrangements.
  6. Hop on a Plane to China and Begin Your New Adventure!

What grade levels can they teach in China?

Education System in China

Primary Primary School 6–12
Secondary Junior (Lower) Secondary School 12–15
Secondary Senior (Upper) Secondary School 15–18
Post-secondary Short Cycle (Zhuanke) 18–20
Tertiary Bachelor’s Degrees 18–22
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Can I live in China without a degree?

China has put much emphasis on education, and the four-year degree is now commonplace. … It is possible for you to work in China without a degree as long as you have a high school diploma or middle college diploma.

What documents do I need to teach in China?

To legally work in China you will need a bachelor’s degree, a TEFL certificate, a valid passport from a native English speaking country, and a criminal background check. If you don’t have a teaching certificate yet, many programs offer free TEFL certification as part of the benefits package.

Do I need a bachelors to teach English in China?

A bachelor’s degree is one of the requirements for teaching English in China although, funnily enough, it does not need to be either English or teaching-specific. The Chinese government simply requires you to have a Bachelor Degree in any subject to be eligible to teach in the country.