How do you say Shei in Chinese?

What is Shei in Chinese?

shei : who, also pr.

How do you pronounce Shei?

The official pronunciation should be shui,but colloquially it’s more often pronounced as shei. many people even pronounce it as “sei”.

What does Ni Shi Shei means?

It’s somewhat like when I would ask unidentified callers: “Ni shi shei?” Again, according to a literal, word-by-word translation, it would seem to mean: “You be who?” But upon overhearing one of my phone conversations, a Chinese friend informed me that it would be more polite to say: “Ni shi shui?”

How do you use Shei in Mandarin?

谁 Shuí / Shéi is the most typical Chinese word to represent Who in Chinese. When no Subject Pronoun (eg. I, He, She) or another person is mentioned in a sentence, Who in Chinese 谁 acts as a Subject Pronoun. Usually, we place the word at the beginning of simple sentence construction.

What is shi in Chinese?

The shi (Chinese: 尸; pinyin: shī; Wade–Giles: sh’ih; lit. ‘corpse’) was a ceremonial “personator” who represented a dead relative during ancient Chinese ancestral sacrifices.

Who is in Chinese Shei or shui?

Both pronunciations are correct, but “shui” is the formal pronunciation, while “shei” is the informal pronunciation. In most parts of China, the pronunciation “shei” is more common. In Southern China (for example, Fujian Province), “shui” is more common. We Malaysian Chinese usually pronounce it as “shui”.

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What is your name Mandarin?

你叫什么名字? Nǐ jiào shénme míngzì? “What is your name” (literally: “You called what name?”)

How do you write Yu in Chinese characters?

Surname Yu (俞)

Yu (Chinese: 俞; pinyin: Yú) is said to have been derived as a term used by medical practitioners Yu (腧) since the time of The Yellow Emperor. The two words are closely related and the family name was change from Yu (腧) to Yu (俞).

How do you write Lao Shi?


  1. The Chinese word for teacher (老師/老师), as transcribed in Hanyu Pinyin.
  2. Rōshi (Japanese word with the same Chinese characters), an honorific title used for a highly venerated senior teacher in Zen Buddhism.

How do you write Guo in Mandarin?

“Guo”, written in Chinese: 郭, is one of the most common Chinese surnames and means “the wall that surrounds a city” in Chinese.