How was Chinese exploration different from European exploration?

The two places had very different motivations for exploration, with Europe looking for territory and wealth, and the Chinese searching to establish the power of their country. Different technologies were used, the Chinese boats and navigation techniques being much more advanced.

What were the Chinese motivations for exploration and expansion?

Economic reasons for Chinese exploration: Political – Spread Chinese culture. Tribute system – give exotic gifts in return for Chinese protection. Social – Let the world know China is back.

How did China influence European exploration?

China created foreign enclaves, or pockets of territories within their countries, that the European explorers could lease and conduct their trade. … China thus saw an increased European demand for their goods, such as tea, porcelains, and silks.

What did China do in the age of exploration?

For centuries, China was the preeminent maritime power in the region, with advances in navigation, naval architecture, and propulsion. From the ninth century on, the Chinese had taken their magnetic compasses aboard ships to use for navigating (two centuries before Europe).

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Why did the Chinese choose not to explore?

Firstly, it was easier for Europeans to cross the Atlantic than for Chinese to cross the Pacific. Secondly, Europeans were motivated by the desire to access China’s legendary wealth whereas Chinese had no such incentive for exploration.

What drove the European and Chinese exploration ventures in the 1400’s?

The desire for wealth was a driving force behind the European exploration of the East. Europeans wanted to control trade with Asian countries.

How was Europe’s exploration aided by contact with the Arab and Chinese technology?

The Crusades in 1095 brought Europeans into contact with Middle East where Arab merchants sold spices, sugar, silk, and other goods from China and India. In 1296, Marco Polo wrote Travels, an account of his trip to China. … New technology also paved the way for European voyages and exploration.

How did China respond to European traders?

First of all, the way China and Japan reacted to the West’s increasing pressure to open to trade was very different. … The Chinese government rejected his requests, and animosity arose between the two nations, with Chinese mobs surrounding the merchants’ quarter in Canton (Edwardes, 1973).

What did China trade with Europe?

In 2016, the EU-China bilateral trade in goods were €514.8 billion. Machinery and vehicles dominate both exports and imports. The top five exports of China are computers, broadcasting equipment, telephones, office machine parts and integrated circuits.

Where did the Chinese explore and expand?

Chinese sailors would travel to Malaya, India, Sri Lanka, into the Persian Gulf and up the Euphrates River in modern-day Iraq, to the Arabian peninsula and into the Red Sea, stopping to trade goods in Ethiopia and Egypt (as Chinese porcelain was highly valued in old Fustat, Cairo).

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Why did the Chinese explore?

Zheng He commanded the largest and most advanced fleet the world had ever seen. The voyages were intended to display China’s power and culture and bring foreign treasures back to the Ming court. Zheng He set sail on his first voyage in 1405, commanding some 27,800 men.

When did the Chinese reach Europe?

This occurred primarily during the second half of the 13th century and the first half of the 14th century, coinciding with the rule of the Mongol Empire, which ruled over a large part of Eurasia and connected Europe with their Chinese dominion of the Yuan dynasty (1271–1368).

Who explored China during the age of exploration?

General Zheng He – statue in Sam Po Kong temple, Semarang, Indonesia. Zheng He was a Chinese explorer who lead seven great voyages on behalf of the Chinese emperor. These voyages traveled through the South China Sea, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Red Sea, and along the east coast of Africa.

What if the Chinese colonized the New World First?

The ancient civilization which China represented, would overspread the North and South American continents, in a dynamic process to shape world history. Eventually there would have been no need for the smaller European kingdoms like Portugal, Spain, or England to explore the oceans or for a Christopher Columbus.

Did the Chinese discover the New World?

The Chinese map is plainly a hoax. It not only shows North and South America as massive continents, which no sailor could possibly have known. It accurately depicts Alaska, the curve of central America and the Yucatan peninsula, not to mention the Mississippi and St Lawrence rivers.

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Why did Europe continue to explore the world when China had stopped?

Why did Europe continue maritime exploration when China decided to abandon it? Reason 1: Europe had no political authority with the power or order to end voyages. Reason 2: Much of Europe’s elite had an interest in overseas expansion. Reason 3: The church foresaw the possibility of widespread conversion.