Is Gatorade sold in China?

PepsiCo’s sports drink brand Gatorade announced a strategic partnership in China with Jr. …

Is Gatorade sold internationally?


Gatorade is currently available in 80 countries, with more than 30 flavors available in the U.S. and more than 50 flavors available internationally.

Where are Gatorade products made?

The other two projects — both Gatorade manufacturing and distribution facilities — are located in Wytheville, Virginia, and Tolleson, Arizona.

Where did Gatorade come from?

On October 2, 1965, a team of scientists invent Gatorade, a sports drink to quench thirst, in a University of Florida lab. The name “Gatorade” is derived from the nickname of the university’s sports teams.

Is Gatorade the official drink of the NBA?

Gatorade is now also the official sports drink of the NBA, AVP, and PGA, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, and numerous other elite and professional organizations and teams.

How many locations does Gatorade have?

Gatorade headquarters and office locations

Gatorade is headquartered in Chicago, IL and has 2 office locations across 1 country.

Why is Gatorade banned in Europe?

Gatorade. This sports drink claims to replenish electrolytes, but it also contains food dyes Yellow 5 and Yellow 6. These artificial colors are banned in foods for infants and children in the European Union, and they must also carry warnings on all other products there.

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Who owns Gatorade company?

The Gatorade Company, a division of PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP), provides sports performance innovations designed to meet the needs of athletes at all competitive levels and across a broad range of sports.

Why is Gatorade sold out?

According to Beverage Digest, an Atlanta-based newsletter that tracks the beverage industry, several factors are behind the shortage: a particularly hot summer for much of the country, an increase in consumption tied to COVID patients, COVID outbreaks or quarantines among Gatorade production workers, and a tight supply …

Why is there a shortage of Gatorade?

First, there’s the supply chain issue. This is very common right now for many different products. In this case, there’s a shortage of plastic for the Gatorade bottles. The shortage is so bad that PepsiCo, the maker of Gatorade, said expect prices to go up on the drink very soon.

Where is Gatorade headquarters?

Gatorade launched a set of six limited-time Champions Edition collectors’ bottles inspired by three-time heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali to celebrate the impact the Greatest of All Time had on sport and society. … Consumers also can visit to enter to win merchandise from the collection.

Why is Gatorade not sold in UK?

Partly because the energy and sports drink market is already rather crowded for a limited market, and the part which would be targeted by Gatorade is already occupied by Lucozade.

Can boxers drink Gatorade during a fight?

Allowing fighters to use sports drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade — which are supposed to rehydrate athletes better than water — was one of several rules changes adopted by the Nevada Athletic Commission in response to a recent report from the five-member Advisory Committee on Boxer Health and Safety.

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Can you buy Gatorade in UK?

Gatorade was launched in Europe some years ago but has never been launched in the UK, though the drink is available in some sports clubs and gyms. … Main competitors are Coca-Cola’s Powerade and Pepsi’s All Sport – each launched to capitalise on Gatorade’s success in building the sports-drink market.

When did Pepsi buy Gatorade?

Originally produced and marketed by Stokely-Van Camp, the Gatorade brand was purchased by the Quaker Oats Company in 1983, which, in turn, was bought by PepsiCo in 2000. As of 2010, Gatorade is PepsiCo’s fourth-largest brand, on the basis of worldwide annual retail sales.