What does Choi mean in Cantonese?

Yes, “Choi” is a magic word to ward off curses or prevent bad things from happening, and it can have different meanings in different circumstances. For example, if you do something wrong at work and a colleague makes fun and says “the boss is going to fire you”, you can ward it off by saying “Choi”.

What is Choi in Cantonese?

Choi (Korean surname), a Korean surname. Choi, Macau Cantonese transliteration of the Chinese surname Cui (崔) and Xu (徐) Choi, Cantonese romanisation of Cai (surname) (蔡), a Chinese surname.

What does Choi mean in Chinese?

崔 [Cui / Choi] Meaning: high mountain, precipitous.

What is dating In Cantonese?

From Cantonese 拍拖 (paak3 to1, “to date, or be dating someone”).

What does Choi stand for?

Choi also means high, superior, lofty or towering, which might explain why this surname is mostly used as surnames of antagonists in Korean soap operas. The name Choi is derived from the combination of 3 ancient Chinese characters, each respectively meaning mountains, a person and the soil.

What last name is Choi?

Choi is a common Korean family name. As of the South Korean census of 2015, there were 2,333,927 people by this name in South Korea or roughly 4.7% of the population. In English-speaking countries, it is most often anglicized Choi, and sometimes also Chey, Choe or Chwe.

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Why is Choi pronounced Chae?

Because Chinese immigration was the first wave of Asian immigrants to America, the pronunciation Choy was familiar in the new waves of American immigration. So many Koreans who immigrated to America with the surname Choi are actually 최 ( Chwaeh ). Documentation of these surnames were defaulted to Choi.

Is Paktor Hokkien or Cantonese?

The word ‘Paktor’ originates from the Cantonese word for ‘dating’ (Chinese character 拍拖).

What is Paktor Hokkien?

Paktor means dating in Hokkien and is, in effect, the Tinder for much of Asia. It allows singles to anonymously “like” each other with a simple swipe of the finger (swiping right indicates interest and left indicates otherwise). … Paktor has a strong presence in Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and Taiwan.