You asked: What does Yuen mean in Chinese?

袁 [Yuan / Yuen] Meaning: long robe (old)

What does Chang mean in China?

Meaning & History

From Chinese 昌 (chāng) meaning “flourish, prosper, good, sunlight” (which is usually only masculine), 畅 (chàng) meaning “smooth, free, unrestrained” or 长 (cháng) meaning “long”.

What does the name Xie mean in Chinese?

Meaning. to thank. Other names. Variant form(s) Xie, Hsieh (Mandarin)

Is Ning a Chinese word?

Its literal meaning is “peaceful”.

Ning (surname)

Language(s) Chinese
Language(s) Old Chinese
Meaning “peaceful”
Other names

What does Zhang mean in Chinese?

In honor of his deeds, he was given as surname the character pronounced Zhang, which is composed of the symbols for ‘bow’ and ‘long’, meaning to ‘stretch open a bow’. Zhang has now become one of the most common names in China.

What is Cheng in Chinese?

to succeed / to finish / to complete / to accomplish / to become / to turn into / to be all right / ok! / one tenth / surname cheng.

What is lian in Chinese?

English Definition for Chinese Text. lian2. lin4. lin4. to link / to join / to connect / continuously / in succession / including / (used with 也, 都 etc) even / company (military) / surname lian.

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What does the name Xia mean?

The name Xia is primarily a female name of Chinese origin that means Glow Of The Sunrise.

Is dare a Chinese last name?

Dare is a last name commonly found in United States among its Chinese community. It is the transliteration of a Chinese surname meaning: to thank, to apologize, to wither (of flowers, leaves etc), to decline.

What is given name in Chinese?

/ˈɡɪv. ən ˌneɪm/ (also first name) the name that is chosen for you at birth and is not your family name. (与姓相对的)名;(出生时取的)名字

How do you write Ningning in Chinese?

Ning Yi Zhuo (Chinese: 宁艺卓), also known by her stage name Ningning (Hangul: 닝닝), is a Chinese member of the South Korean girl group aespa.

Is Ning a male or female name?

What is the meaning of the name Ning? The name Ning is primarily a gender-neutral name of Chinese origin that means Peaceful.

Is Chen and Chan the same?

Chen is also the most common family name in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Macau, and Hong Kong. … In Cantonese, it is usually romanized as Chan (as in Jackie Chan), most widely used by those from Hong Kong. Chan is also widely used in Macao and Malaysia. It is also sometimes spelled Chun.

Is Chang a Japanese name?

“Chang” is also the Wade-Giles romanization of two Chinese surnames written Zhang in pinyin: one extremely common and written 張 in Traditional Chinese and 张 in Simplified Chinese, and another quite rare and written as 章 in both systems.

Chang (surname)

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Word/name Old Chinese
Region of origin China

What does the name Zheng mean?

Meaning & History

From Chinese 正 (zhèng) meaning “right, proper, correct” or 政 (zhèng) meaning “government”, as well as other hanja characters with a similar pronunciation.