Your question: What round does the Chinese military use?

What guns does the Chinese military use?


  • QBZ-191 – 5.8 mm assault rifle.
  • QBZ-95 – 5.8 mm bullpup assault rifle.
  • QTS-11 – 5.8 mm assault rifle with integrated airburst grenade launcher (in limited service)
  • QBZ-03 – 5.8 mm assault rifle.
  • Type 86 – 7.62 mm bullpup assault rifle (not in service)

Does China still use 7.62 x39?

The Chinese miltary does use 7.62x54mm and 7.62x39mm rounds. These are heritage rounds from the days when China and the Soviet Union were closely aligned. This relationship had faltered before the Soviet Union developed their 5.45x39mm cartridge, and the Chinese never adopted the new round.

What is the standard rifle of the Chinese army?

The Type 95 Automatic Rifle (Chinese: 95式自动步枪; pinyin: 95 Shì Zìdòng Bùqiāng) or QBZ-95 is a bullpup assault rifle designed and manufactured by Norinco, and issued since 1995 as the service rifle for the People’s Liberation Army, People’s Armed Police and various paramilitary law enforcement agencies in the People’s …

What pistol does the Chinese military use?

The QSZ-92 (Chinese: 92式手枪; pinyin: Jiǔ Èr Shì Shoǔqiāng or Jiǔ Shí Èr Shì Shoǔqiāng; lit. ‘Type 92 Handgun’) is a semi-automatic pistol designed by Norinco.


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QSZ-92 (aka NP 42 and CF 98)
Type Semi-automatic pistol
Place of origin China
Production history

How many guns does Chinese army have?

As one of the largest ground forces in the world, China equips its infantry units with a bevy of small arms types. There are a total of [ 36 ] Modern Chinese Army Guns (2021) entries in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z).

Which gun is made in China?

China’s first modern, locally designed and produced assault rifle is the QBZ-95, currently standard issue across the People’s Liberation Army and China’s internal security force, the People’s Armed Police. The weapon first entered Chinese service in the mid-1990s.

Does China use NATO rounds?

The 5.8×42mm / DBP87 (“Dàn (弹) Bùqiāng (步枪) Pŭtōng (普通), 1987”; literally “Standard Rifle Cartridge, 1987”) is a military rimless bottlenecked intermediate cartridge developed in the People’s Republic of China.

DBP87 round
Type Rifle
Place of origin People’s Republic of China
Service history

Are Chinese AKs good?

Generally, when I encounter an older Type 56 – they’re good to go, reliable and dependable. They might look crude, but most can last a few lifetimes. At the same time, the new Chinese AKs don’t inspire much confidence, though the low prices make them very popular in impoverished parts of the world.

What is the NATO round?

The 7.62×51mm NATO (official NATO nomenclature 7.62 NATO) is a rimless, bottlenecked rifle cartridge. It is a standard for small arms among NATO countries. First developed in the 1950s, the cartridge had first been introduced in U.S. service for the M14 rifle and M60 machine gun.

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Is the QBZ a Chinese weapon?

The QBZ-191 Automatic Rifle (Chinese: 191式自动步枪; pinyin: Yāo jiǔ yāo Shì Zìdòng Bùqiāng) is a Chinese assault rifle chambered for the 5.8×42mm intermediate cartridge, designed and manufactured by Norinco as a new-generation service rifle for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and People’s Armed Police (PAP).

What rifle does the Japanese army use?

The Type 89 was introduced to replace the Howa Type 64 battle rifle in frontline units, entering service in 1989. It has remained Japan’s principal service rifle since then. Limited numbers of the Type 89’s replacement, the Howa Type 20, were purchased in 2020.

What sniper rifle does the Chinese military use?

The QBU-88 sniper rifle is a Chinese bullpup designated marksman rifle developed by Norinco for the People’s Liberation Army.


Type 88 (88式狙击步枪)
In service 1997-Present
Used by People’s Liberation Army, People’s Armed Police, various state police forces
Production history
Manufacturer Norinco

What grenade does China use?

China Lake grenade launcher

China Lake pump-action grenade launcher
CSG/Trident Reproduction China Lake Grenade Launcher
Type Grenade launcher
Place of origin United States
Service history